The Copenhagen-Summit: Angry Mermaid fights Lobbies!

The Copenhagen-Summit should decide about the combat of climate change after the Kyoto Protocol. But already now it's clear that this large conference will just give birth to another declaration of intend. No precise or binding goals. No real concessions by the polluting industrial nations.
But if this dark prediction will be fulfilled, it won't just be a result of egocentric nations not willing to undertake in-depth changes of their policies. It will also be the triumph of a constant lobbying by corporate interests. In fact, substantial changes in the world energy or industrial policies could menace the profits of some immobile giants - as Montsanto or Shell.
In order to denounce this influence of corporate lobbies, which block the emerging of a real global regulation, some NGOs (Corporate Obsavatory Europe and Attac Denmark a.o.)have organized the "Angry Mermaid Award". Until the 13th of December you can cast your vote and learn more about the sabotage of the Copenhage-Summit by corporate lobbies on: